This Week in Review

Last week, I couldn’t even bring myself to make a post. I was too saddened by the news out of Charleston to consider what my own week had been like. The wounds from Charleston will take time to heal, but at the very least, I’m thankful that this week has been different. That millions can keep their health care, that equality in love is finally recognized, that–even though it’s a small step, the barest of steps in the road ahead to eradicate systemic racism–we’ve accepted the fact that the Confederate flag needs to be taken down. We’re getting there, America, we’re getting there.


“We removed the flag today because we can’t wait any longer. We can’t continue like this another day. It’s time for a new chapter where we are sincere about dismantling white supremacy and building toward true racial justice and equality.” –Bree Newsome

The U.S. Supreme Court has finally recognized what most of us have for years, that love is a right for everyone. Though there are still problems (several states still have laws where you can be fired for being gay), we at least have gotten one step closer to full equality. #LoveWins

My man, my partner, looked mighty handsome in his Jump Magazine interview. My favorite line, “A lot of times, it’s not really about chopping up different sounds. It’s about vinyl. That’s my biggest thing. I need the vinyl.” I’ve sat with this man while he spent hours in record stores. He’s not joking.

My second installment of The Biking Chronicles appeared this week on Green Philly Blog. The day after it appeared, I was harrassed on my bike on my way to work by a driver, who called me a string of profanities because I needed to swerve to avoid a removed section of pavement on the road. The city is getting better as far as creating more pathways for bicyclists and the share program, but here I listed suggestions that will help to improve the city’s relationships with cyclists even more. I’m hopeful that the ingrained aggressiveness of drivers towards cyclists will begin to change. We desperately need it to.

One way to improve food sustainability and not waste food is to save your vegetable scraps. Here I show a before picture of my vegetable scraps saved (and kept tightly sealed in the back of my refrigerator) over a two week period…

…and the vegetable broth that came out of it. Simply place all of your scraps in a crock pot, pour in enough water just to cover all of the vegetables, and then let cook for eight to ten hours on low. This one came out a slightly reddish color due to the beets, but all of the flavors are present.

These double chocolate cherry cookies are vegan and delicious. Recipe is from Post Punk Kitchen, cherries are from Greensgrow Farms.

July is almost here, and for me, all of my downtime has been spent reading. On the balcony, in the sun, or even in my living room with the rain pouring down outside. This week I finished one of my favorite books, Just Kids, and it hit me with the same emotional power as the first time I read it. Currently reading We Were Liars for my first ever adult fiction book club and Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay, working toward The Last Days of California (Mary Miller is brilliant and packs more punch into a single sentence than most writers I’ve read), and Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Hgozi Adichie, whose writing I absolutely admire. Must finish all of this before September 1st, of course, when Jonathan Franzen’s Purity comes out. (!!!!!!) Happy summer, everyone.