The Month in Review: Breathe and Reboot

This year, we east coast dwellers finally pulled out of the slog of winter to be met with, well, more winter. In any case, the calendar tells us that it’s spring and while I’m still heistant to believe it, small changes are apparent. Flowers sprout up even in the blustering wind. The days no longer end at 6:00pm. There is excitement in the air; the thrill of potential change. This time of year has always been a time of transition for me, however subtle. I make plans. I start new projects. I settle into new routines. I accept changes as they come. And this year has been no different. In March I turned 29, began two new personal projects that are both close to my heart, took on a new volunteer role with a local nonprofit doing incredibly important work, visited a new city, started (and stopped) and started again a regular meditation practice, broke through my wall of fear to stand on my hands, something I haven’t been able to do since I was a young girl, and began looking ahead to what next steps lie ahead as I enter this time of transition. Some things fell to the wayside. Writing, for example, for the first time in a long time, took a backseat. And that’s okay, at least for now, because it’s a part of me, so it’s never going too far. 

We’re creatures who are constantly evolving. We change, make adjustments, learn more about ourselves and other people, and, hopefully, use that knowledge to better ourselves and how we treat others. Reflect, adjust, breathe, and reboot.


My Sister’s Ghost“, an essay I wrote about the death of my brother-in-law, was published by The Rumpus, an online journal I’ve been reading for years. It was incredible to be recognized by them (and a bit surprising) but I’m so thankful to have found the words (the words I’d been trying to write for four years) and the space to share this story. 


I mentioned that I began two new personal projects. One of them is a vegan food blog on Tumblr (VeganistaAlisha) where I share recipes, baking tips, my favorite smoothie bowls, and how to make your own veggie broth. Veganism is something I took on this time last year, after five years as a vegetarian who occasionally dabbled into veganism but never stuck to it. I’m so pleased to be where I am now, and hopefully this blog can help others on their own cruelty-free food journeys. 


Thank you to The Head & The Hand press for publishing this little chapbook (and for the awesome cover art). This is a section of my novel and it’s available in a vending machine (!) at The Soup Kitchen in Fishtown. 



My second project is making and selling literary art on Etsy under the name The Writing’s on the Wall. I love words, I love art, I couldn’t think of a better way to share and display some of the lines from favorite books that have influenced me. 




I brought in my 29th year with my partner in Toronto. Toronto is a beautiful city with lots of sweet little vintage shops, boutiques, record stores, and book shops. Twenty nine feels like an odd age, still in my twenties but feeling old-ish, but as any year, I take it day by day. 


I am absolutely loving Gold, Fame, Citrus by Claire  Vaye Watkins. The setup for the novel is something out of my truest nightmares, a country where water is scarce and this fact shapes human relations. The two main characters live in dry, barren, lawless California and every day is a task to survive. Feeling like I could myself up in this one. New fiction! Yes!


Change can be a beautiful thing. I hope wherever you are on your personal evolutionary path, you embrace whatever it is that’s coming your way. Happy spring. 

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