This Week in Review

It’s been a lazy Sunday morning with coffee and some Melissa Harris Perry. This time of year often brings on long days and late nights with friends, lots of sun, interesting conversation, and at least last night, plenty of dancing. I’m so very lucky to have a growing network of friends to exchange ideas and (with several) written work, as well as a close group of females to share laughs and life goals over food we prepared for each other. Each year of adulthood seems to bring on a stronger understanding of what it means to offer support for one other, even in the smallest gesture of sharing food and conversation. I’m thankful and happy. It’s been a good week.

 My bike has been in the shop for most of the week, so I’ve spent more time walking to and from places. I noticed this street art on a building near me. When I stood to take a photo of it, another girl was near me, also taking a photo. I commented to her on how beautiful the work was, and she said “Thank you.” As I spoke with her I learned that she was the girl pictured on the left, with the words around her “Way more than meets the eye.” She told me she’s a high school student at Kensington Creative and Performing Arts, and this was a project by the students. “We had to think of six words about ourselves. I picked these because people don’t know me. They only think they do, but they don’t really know who I am. We’re stereotyped. I wanted to show I’m more than just what people assume I am.” 

Across the street from the photos pictured above, also done by high school students at KCAPA.


This is what I call garden dreamin’ for the urban dweller. Obviously not a completely accurate statement–Philly has tons of urban garden spaces, both private and public. But for now, in my third floor walk up, I’ll stick with this little guy until I can one day have the real thing.

Picnics in the park on a quilt my great-grandmother hand sewed. We have about six of them in my childhood home.

Spend time with the ones you love.

 And finally, the best thing from this week: I completed the final pages of the novel I began two years ago. There’s still a long road ahead, but completing it is scary and exciting and relieving all at once. I have some great friends, writers, and readers who will provide me the honesty and critical eye I need to move on to the next chapter: the revision process.  

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