This Week in Review: Peace, Patience, and Presence

There’s been a restlessness following me the last two weeks. A lot of terrible things happening in the world have had me frustrated, impatient for some kind of change. Finishing the novel has been overwhelming and exciting, but now, even more, I find sitting at a desk doing any other work intolerable. I have moments like this, often this time of year, that make me want to change something (usually, it’s when I start looking for a new job). Instead, I’ve been doing my best to take a slow breath and remind myself that patience isn’t something one desires and has, it’s something that has to be lived. And so, I breathe in, out, and repeat the mantra I try and try to embody: peace, patience, and presence. I also bake a lot. 


One thing I’m passionate about, other than writing, is sustainability, and how we can practice this in a hugely impactful way just by paying attention to the food we eat. This post is for Green Philly Blog, and can be found here.


This week I discovered a new twist on one of my favorite foods: brownies. Fudgey, vegan, and sweetened with beet puree, these lil’ guys kill it. Receipe here.


This article, written back in November but resurfacing this week from a few friends, is important for everyone living in the 21st century. Yes, everyone. Our lives cannot be dictated by the rules created for us by out-dated cultural norms. 


My windowsill garden is growing. 


A favorite summer pasttime includes re-reading some of my favorite books. Though I don’t often do memoir, this is still one of my favorite books of all time. Patti Smith’s elegant prose weaves the story of her upbringing in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, to moving to New York and meeting Robert Mapplethorpe, for all intents and purposes her soulmate, and her rise to becoming the Patti Smith we now know. It’s simply gorgeous.


Suntea and summer mornings. Five bags black tea, chopped up fruit (I used mangos, peaches/nectarines also work well), lemon, mint, sunlight. 


This photo is of my sister and her three year old daughter. The joy on this little girl’s face of being with her mother clearly does not need words, and was perhaps my favorite moment of this week.


And finally, the view from the afternoon, every day. Peace, patience, presence. Say it with me now!

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