Week in Review: Finding Contentment

Mid-September! The ninety degree weather seems to be slowly fading away to make room for weather that allows for tights and light sweaters and (for me, on my bike) much less sweating. This time of year always energizes me, and this year feels no different. But perhaps “energizing” isn’t the right word; in fact, the summer has been plenty energized, with wedding celebrations and weekends with family and friends, and my time away in Nebraska, it has certainly been on the crazy side. I’m still excited, if not sometimes anxious (I have a manuscript in the hands of two agents right now and I check my email 3,000 times a day because of this), but I’ve found myself lulling into these rare spaces of calm, acceptance. It’s not often that I find these moments when I am not searching, not waiting for the next big thing to happen. I think some people call it contentment?

This week brought a few days of slightly cooler weather, and one day in particular where tights (finally) felt appropriate. I found these shoes at my favorite vintage and consignment shop, Once Worn, in Northern Liberties. Skirt from Urban. Tights from, um, CVS? Franzen’s Purity on my lap.

 Fresh carrot juice is one of my faves, but the good stuff can be upwards of $4 a bottle. Instead, I used Trader Joe’s multi-colored organic carrot bags ($3 ish?) and made my own, adding some peaches (thanks, Greensgrow Farms!) and ginger. ‘Twas deelish, and a gorgeous color.

 Very happy to spend more time with friends in the last few weeks, but old and new. All of them have a way of teaching me something about myself. My old friends keep me humble. My new friends help me explore. All of them help me to grow. This photo was taken after an evening playing Feminist Quizzo with some of my favorite new friends through the Young Women’s Initiative.

 Always keep flowers in your house. The stranger, the better. (Bonus points for sticking them in locally-made vases.)

 I was having a few days where I was wavering on my veganism. This is still a new-ish thing for me (I’ve only been vegan since the spring, and still feel odd calling myself vegan). Recently, I was just craving cheese, and then yogurt. I think it was a texture thing. And to be completely honest, I gave in, and had a small slice of pizza. I kind of made a commitment to myself when I started that I would stick to consuming a mostly-vegan diet, but if I was dying for some pizza, I was going to eat some damn pizza. The pizza was, in truth, very good. What wasn’t good was how I felt the next day. I’m still learning, but I’m steadily getting to a place where it just isn’t worth it (environmentally, humanely, physically) for me to consume meat products. ANYWAY, long spiel, but I found myself some coconut milk yogurt to take the place of my yogurt craving, and it totally worked. This breakfast killed it, and kept me full all the way till the afternoon. This one featured some nut butter, granola, a half a nectarine and a banana. 

 Finally, tomorrow is Michael’s birthday. I’m so thankful to have spent five years with a man committed to growing, learning, and bettering himself each day. With a mix of humility, laughter, and motivation, he keeps me sane, and reminds me to keep moving forward, no matter the circumstances. To my best friend, to my partner, happy birthday.

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