Yes, I’m starting a blog.

So, hi there. I’ve decided to join the rest of the world and begin a blog, which I’m sure you’ll all read religiously, needing it like you need your morning coffee. My hope is this will be a pleasant experience for both of us, which will require me to write things that you care to read, and will require you to read it (occasionally) and laugh! And cry! And say yes I said yes I will yes!

(That last part was totally a farce I never actually got through Ulysses to have those last words mean anything more than pretty language and a damn fun last line of a monstrous novel, though I’ma keep tryin’!)

photo 1

What this blog will be:

Lots of discussion about literature and writing because, well, I love the stuff

Discussion of art in general, because I work at a gallery and, again, I love the stuff

Occasional political lean, because I truly believe that art and social justice go hand in hand

There may be an occasional food photo. I like to bake.

What this blog will not be:

Selfies (maybe one selfie)

Listicles that make you reminisce about the beauty of the year 1999 (?) (Which is when you wore braces and had bad hair and bad skin and bad clothes so let’s remember that and not just that Brian Littrell looked deep into our middle school eyes when he sang, okay?)

Cat posts (there may be one cat post)

Offensive language of any sort, except when I use the word fuck to get my point across.

Thanks, hope to see you around.

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