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About | Alisha Ebling

Writing + Design. Photography + Travel. Dreaming + Growing + Learning.


My work is a direct reflection of my life’s motto: find the beauty.

I began my career as a writer and have studied with incredible teachers in both Pittsburgh, PA and Oxford, U.K. My work has been published in journals and anthologies both nationally and internationally, and I am thrilled to be represented by Soumeya Roberts of Hannigan Salky Getzler Literary Agency for my first novel.

In recent years, I’ve expanded my artistic voice to include photography, and am exploring this new art form by photographing the people, places, experiences, and things that inspire me. I bring my background in writing and love for high-impact visuals to my work in UX/UI design.

I love: Spain, Los Angeles, Philadelphia's cobble stone, vegan foods, red wine, dark coffee, ballet, traveling, yoga, vintage clothes, a strong red lip, walkable cities, and my bike.

I studied English Writing at University of Pittsburgh. After leaving Pittsburgh in 2009, I moved to Oxford, U.K., where I studied Creative Writing at Oxford Brookes University, achieving a Master of Arts. From there, I moved back to Philadelphia and am currently studying Product Design with Bloc/Thinkful. I have lived in Philadelphia (with regular trips to Los Angeles) since 2011. I’ll be establishing a more permanent residence in Los Angeles in early 2020.