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Alisha Ebling

I am a writer, photographer, and sustainable fashion entrepreneur based (mostly) in Philadelphia. I have more than four years of experience in the nonprofit sector as a grant writer and fundraiser, and an additional two years of experience in the for-profit sector as a professional writer and brand strategist. I have three years of experience as a photographer and blogger, and have managed blogs on books + writing and on sustainable living.

I love: Los Angeles, Philadelphia's cobble stone, plant based foods, red wine, dark coffee, traveling, yoga, vintage clothes, a strong red lip, walkable cities, and my bike.

I studied English Writing, Economics, and Spanish language from the University of Pittsburgh. After leaving Pittsburgh in 2009, I moved to Oxford, U.K., where I studied Creative Writing at Oxford Brookes University, achieving a Master of Arts. From there, I moved back to Philadelphia, where I have lived (with regular visits to the west coast) since 2011.

I try daily to find beauty in the world, and to share it with others.




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