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Amrita Yoga & Wellness

Amrita Yoga & Wellness Case Study

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Amrita Yoga & Wellness

Amrita Yoga & Wellness is a yoga, pilates, and movement studio based in Fishtown, Philadelphia. I was commissioned to lead their rebrand strategy, which coincided with the opening of Amrita’s second location in Center City West. The rebrand sought to elevate the company’s visual look as well as provide targeted content that succinctly embodied the company’s story while inviting in new clients.

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Design Specifications

Design Role

Web Redesign, Branding & Identity, Brand Copyediting, Photography


Branding & Identity, Competitive Analysis, Site Map, Web Redesign, Photos, Social Media Strategy

Tools Used

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Pinterest

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The Problem

Amrita Yoga & Wellness had six years of successful business in Fishtown, Philadelphia. Their original branding met the feeling of the neighborhood; lush and dark greens combined with light tan to create a down-to-earth tone. However, the brand wasn’t consistent. While dark green was a part of the main color scheme and logo, it wasn’t always used as a part of Amrita’s marketing materials. It also clashed with the company’s marketing photography, which ranged from high-contrast black and white images to dark, moody color images. At the same time, the website was jumbled, offering too many options for users and no clear path to navigate through the site. To coincide with the opening of a second studio in a new part of the city, Amrita was ready for a rebrand and a reorganization of their website.

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The Solution

The solution was a refreshed, brighter brand that better told their brand story via visual design and targeted copyediting. Brighter photography with a clean white backdrop complemented the lighter, water tones of the new brand. A website reorganization better helped to guide clients through the company’s services.

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Understanding the Competition

Dhyana Yoga

Strengths: Dhyana is a popular yoga studio and has a long history of serving the Philadelphia community.

Weaknesses: Its brand is not very recognizable, clean, or organized.

With their longevity in the market, could lead as the premier yoga studio in Philadelphia.

Opportunities: With its higher name recognition and long history of service, Dhyana Yoga could lead as the premier yoga studio with refreshed, consistent brand and an updated website.

Threats: The market is crowded; an outdated brand can mean newer practitioners may not see Dhyana as their choice place to practice.


Maha Yoga

Strengths: Maha’s brand is bright, inviting, and consistently applied. Their website is clear and easy to use.

Weaknesses: The images used on the site are low-res and difficult to view. The website does not do enough to highlight their teachers.

Could strengthen their brand in order to engage a larger client base.

Opportunities: A popular studio right in Center City, Maha has an opportunity to strengthen their brand in order to engage a larger client base and invite new practitioners into their space.

Threats: In a saturated marketplace, it’s imperative for brands to differentiate themselves.

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Summary of Opportunity

From the analysis of two competitors in Philadelphia, both targeting similar customer bases, Amrita had an opportunity to differentiate their brand from other yoga studios in the crowded marketplace, define their target customer, and lead in the yoga and pilates market.

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Mood Boarding

To accurately capture the mood and vision of Amrita, I led the business owner through a visioning and free-writing session, which included using Pinterest Boards to identify the colors, mood, and feel that spoke to Amrita.

A free-writing session allowed the business owner to consider the words that captured the new brand. From here, I pulled out five colors that met the feel of the mood board. These colors were then further narrowed down to complete the new brand’s style.

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Style Guide

From the mood board, I created a style guide that narrows the brand colors to two primary and two secondary uses, as well as examples of the types of images to be used.

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Brand Logo

A previously designed logo was updated with the brand’s new colors.

Old Amrita logo

Old Amrita logo

New Amrita logo

New Amrita logo

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Original photography was incorporated to enhance the brand in a unique way, placing Amrita’s teachers at the forefront of their visual look.

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Marketing Collateral

Marketing collateral was used as a part of the rebrand to provide Amrita with a consistent brand feel across their marketing materials. The content was designed to meet the brand’s story, that yoga, pilates, and wellness are for everyone.

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Site Map

The Amrita website needed a reorganization in order to better guide clients through its several services. The home page became more visual but clean and sophisticated, with several call to action options for users.

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Brand Copywriting

I crafted on-brand copy to tailor the message and story of Amrita while targeting their target client base.

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Final Designs

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The final rebrand for Amrita Yoga & Wellness enhanced their visual and strategic content in order to create a stronger and more consistent brand. Original photography was key to creating something unique. The web redesign ensured that users could easily navigate through the site and find all of the information they needed seamlessly.

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