What Others Are Saying

Some selected accolades.


"Alisha is a skilled writer with a fine-tuned eye for copy edits and on-brand messaging." - Naomi Cleary, Owner of Palmer Planter Company and former Director of Marketing at The Clay Studio

"Alisha's attention to detail and her ability to understand the needs of an organization  and programs from a funding perspective makes her an excellent development professional. She has a talent for working with everyone from program and project directors to organizational leaders to develop strong grant proposals and effective communication tools for any non-profit organization." - Lesly Attarian, Director of Development, Historic Philadelphia, Inc.

"In Spring 2015, I was nominated by The Clay Studio to apply for an Independence Foundation Grant. In preparation for submitting the grant application, I consulted Alisha about my project proposal. Her editing through out the process was an invaluable resource - she was always willing to give clear and concise feedback on my writing even with short notice! With Alisha's assistance, my proposal was successful and I was chosen as a recipient for a 2015 Independence Foundation Grant. I highly recommend her skills to any artist looking to apply for grant funding!" - Roberta Massuch, Artist in Residence, The Clay Studio


"I worked with Alisha on a city grant for a new restaurant in Philadelphia. She led the entire process, managing all of the many small details of the application as well as the proposal writing. I would highly recommend her to others." - Roland Kassis, Developer

"What I most appreciated about working with Alisha was her ability to take rough, fuzzy ideas that I had for my brand and distill them into a cohesive and visually beautiful design. With Alisha, it's fully safe to admit "I don't know what I don't know" and allow her to translate your idea into a final product that will probably seem staggeringly close to the vision you had in mind. Forgive the unsavory comparison, but consider Alisha a "police sketch artist" for your ideas for your companies branding and design. I constantly receive compliments on my business' web-site, marketing materials, and overall aesthetic, and I recommend Alisha to anyone who needs hand-holding through the entire brand conception process to a final polish on your minimum viable product." - Liz Funk, And We Evolve






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